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Your tax deductible gift, in any amount, will go towards our work of increasing public awareness in stopping violence against women, eliminating human trafficking and promoting gender equity and economic empowerment and security for women. 

  • $2000 (Mentorship and Advocacy) - Support a Public Policy Fellow on Human Trafficking or Gender Equity with a stipend for one month at the Department on the Status of Women where they assist with compiling data and analysis for commissioned reports and advocate for passing policies and legislation for women and girls in San Francisco.  

  • $1000 (Gender Equity and Economic Empowerment and Security for Women) - Support an entire cohort of 60+ women to attend a salary negotiation workshop so they can save and invest for their future.  The goal of our Equal Pay Initiative is to close the gender wage gap sooner rather than later by training 20,000 women to confidently and successfully negotiate their salary and benefits.  

  • $500 - (Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign) - Contribute to grants the FRIENDS make in support of anti-human trafficking campaigns like the Annual Teen Poster and Writing Contest organized by the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking.

  • $250 (Capacity Building) - Help offset FRIENDS operating expenses so women and girls in need can find inspiration and resources through our programs and initiatives.

  • $100 - (Tween/Teen Outreach for Girls Interested in STEAM) - Reprint the Girls Directory for the 100 Girls Who Will One Day Influence the World ProgramThe Girls Directory is a valuable resource giving girls access to listings of activities, services and programs that could help her follow her dreams and encourage her to become whoever she wishes to be.  

Thank you for your support in leading change so women and girls have equal access and are free from violence.  To learn more about our programs and initiatives and the impact we are making, click here.  Tax ID #51-0183349.

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